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(15, 1hr 20min) Clay, a body-swapping enforcer, searches for redemption in a city run by Immortals and old world Gods.


CLAY’S REDEMPTION is a stylish, neon-soaked indie flick, inspired by 80’s cult movies and hard edged graphic novels; featuring Akie Kotabe (Everly) and the singer Nuuxs (in her screen debut).

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Carlos Boellinger - film director

Carlos Boellinger / Director


Originally from Venezuela, Carlos has been working in UK post production for the last 9 years. He has worked for video games including Fall Out 3 and W.o.W. and has directed music videos, commercials and documentaries.


Carlos plays the guitar and aside from filmmaking has 4 studio albums with his band (The Badje). He believes filming is as much about rhythm and intuition as it is about technical expertise. Favourite topics include The Beatles, Ridley Scott, and of course Westerns.

In 2015 he partnered with Ivo Alexander to form Tin Cowboys Productions where they have been pushing the envelope of production values since then.

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Ivo Alexander - Film Producer

Ivo Alexander / Producer


Writer / producer of Polish-German origin, who combines skill sets in Marketing and Project Management with granular attention to detail.

Ivo studied Physics and Martial Arts before moving to Northern China, after which he did an MBA in London and moved sideways into film producing, partnering with Carlos Boellinger in 2015 to form Tin Cowboys Productions. He has line- produced on music videos, shorts, and features; he also executively produced Clay.

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Rona Walter / Producer


Founder of SERENITY film productions. Scottish, Italian with Czech ancestry, the published novelist started her filmmaking career in 2010 with music videos and a guerrilla fairy tale fan film . She has an eye for style, visuals and brings production value to the screen.


The characters’ look and wardrobe were almost entirely designed by her.

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